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Oracle Siebel CRM

The world's most complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Oracle's Siebel CRM helps organisations differentiate their businesses to achieve maximum top-and bottom-line growth. It delivers a combination of transactional, analytical, and engagement features to manage all customer-facing operations. Designed to help you retain and grow customer relationships, Siebel CRM enables a personalised and consistent service experience proven to increase loyalty and profitability.
Siebel CRM includes broad Web services support that makes it easy to extend CRM functionality across the enterprise, to reach all your customer-interaction channels as well as connect with other business functions. Siebel CRM includes service-oriented architecture (SOA) for scalable, out-of-the box, standards-based CRM you can make available anywhere.
Among the Siebel CRM capabilities are strategic sales, service, call centre, marketing, loyalty, partner management, customer order management and customer mastering capabilities. Sales representatives get smarter with actionable insight that helps grow revenue and commissions. Productivity is enhanced by uncovering hidden demand and focusing on more of the right leads.
Sales users become more effective and productive by leveraging their knowledge and experience.
  • Get insight into what to sell and who to sell it to based on the buying patterns of customers with similar attributes
  • Empower sales users to create, execute, and share sophisticated HTML e-mail campaigns, track results, and analyse campaign effectiveness
  • Build a collection of shared content, which users can leverage to build the best presentations for advancing their sales opportunities
  • Enable multi-channel sales and service for new growth and efficiency gains
  • Run dynamic, differentiated loyalty programmes
  • Empower end users with streamlined self-service solutions
  • Simplify orders
Industry-specific options. Reduce costs through implementation of best operational practices, tailored to the needs of businesses in more than 20 industries. Coordinated business processes, business rules, and decision support result in lowered operational costs and improved customer satisfaction.
Decision-support innovation. Siebel CRM’s embedded real-time decisioning ensures that all your employees follow the same best practices demonstrated by your best employees. The system uses real-time, predictive analytics to make recommendations that augment the ability of your employees to make customer-focused decisions that also produce better results. Whether it’s how to resolve a service issue or suggesting just the right offer to up-sell a customer, Siebel CRM gives every employee the advice and support needed to make decisions that contribute to your organisation’s success.
An organisation’s ability to capture new growth opportunities is predicated on its ability to act quickly to change operations and processes. Technology enhancements in Siebel CRM improve your ability to respond quickly to new business opportunities.
Siebel CRM is one of the most innovative, complete, and technologically advanced CRM solutions available today. Set your company apart from the competition. Don’t just improve your business — transform it. Oracle’s Siebel CRM gives you The Power to Lead.

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