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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems – Back Office


What is ERP?

In the last decades, companies and government entities implement ERP systems with the goal of automating basic business functions – accounting, finance, budgeting, inventory management, orders, deliveries and manufacturing. In such a way, business processes which have been long managed on paper, via numerous Excel spreadsheets, in person or by the phone are centralized in a single information infrastructure by applying the best global practices. That leads to an increase in productivity and profitability and reduction of expenses.
With the expansion of the Internet, many organisations start implementing e-business strategies and link their internal processes with the processes that relate to customers, suppliers and partners.  
Our team has a rich experience in implementing leading products in the ERP market. We possess the functional and technical expertise for implementation of either a complete ERP solution or of specific modules. We offer complete support of your system once the installation process is over.

ERP products we offer: 


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems – Front Office


What is CRM? 

CRM includes all the processes by which a company tracks and organizes the information and relations with its current and prospective customers. The CRM software supports these processes – the customer data and each communication with them can be entered, saved and made accessible for employees from different divisions. The main goal of CRM is to streamline the services offered to the customers and to use their contact information for targeted marketing campaigns. Better service creates loyal customers, increases the share of the firm in the customer’s budget and thus, more revenues are generated.
We realize that even the best technologies and software cannot meet the needs of your customers per se. An integrated approach for a complete customer experience will turn a potential customer into a real customer and a one-time customer into a loyal customer, who is spending more. The team of PBS has a vast CRM experience in automating sales, servicing customers, managing campaigns, call centers and case management.

CRM products we offer:



Business Intelligence (BI) systems


What is BI?

BI includes business analytical models, technologies, information and practices for making more informed and precise managerial decisions. BI systems are concerned with gathering, integration, analysis, aggregation, interpretation and presentation of data about sales, production, finance, etc. In general, business intelligence relates to clearly formulated knowledge that is extracted from the data. BI solutions offer historical, current and predictive view on the business processes with the goal of making the right managerial decisions on the basis of accurate and up-to-date information and pre-defined business models and analytics.
We see BI solutions as a leading success factor in the business of the future, where the processes are optimized and the customers are satisfied. In a global economic recession, more than ever accurate information is needed in order to make the right business decisions with the minimum risk. 
Additionally, PBS offers data warehouse building and integration of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems with Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) systems.

BI products we offer:


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