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Microsoft Dynamics CRM


The goal of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to provide a complete view of the customer experience with the organisation. Sales associates have a 360° view of clients and of business and can provide the most appropriate product or service. CRM helps organisations optimise their operations by automating routine tasks and standardising best global practices. By working with integrated information and processes, companies improve their operational efficiency, which is by all means critical in today’s economy. Employees are relieved from operational activities and paperwork and can focus on and respond to the evolving needs of the customers instead. Furthermore, the system can be easily customised and the processes unique for each business can be reflected during the implementation process.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports the entire organisation through a set of modules organised by functional area: Sales, Marketing, and Service. These modules form the centralised database through which all of the departments in the organisation can access the information and the tools they need to be more effective with customers.

Software Modules

The Sales module provides a robust account management system that automatically tracks sales-related activities and revenues. It is organised around customer records and includes analytical, operational, and collaborative tools that can be used to improve and maintain good customer relations. Accounts, contacts, and opportunities can be generated from potential sales prospects, qualified as leads. Turnover of accounting forms is highly automated. The entire scope of each customer’s previous interactions with the organisation is viewable at all stages of the sales life-cycle. Thus, better knowledge about customer’s preferences can only increase cross-sales and up-sales.

The Marketing module lets you create highly personalised marketing campaigns and execute them across multiple channels, targeting marketing lists. Marketing campaigns allow the collection and analysis of the results of campaigns, which the marketing team can use to make future marketing decisions and maximise the effectiveness of its budget. The ability to know what was spent on a campaign and relate it to the actual revenue that resulted is the essence of closed loop marketing.

The Service module includes an extensive set of features that help increase the efficiency of service and ensure that customers receive the highest level of interactive and interpersonal service. Case management is the primary function of the Service module. An additional customer service feature within Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Service Scheduling, which automatically considers the availability of employees, facilities, and equipment to ensure the resources are ready to resolve cases. The Service Calendar helps users visualise the organisation's scheduling commitments and activities. Service activities are automatically tracked and assigned to appropriate users through staged workflows.


Moreover, past information can be assessed through a number of reports, including sales history, sales productivity, campaign performance, cases summary, etc. Flexible reporting enables managers to easily see how your business is doing - CRM data can be transferred for analysis into Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft SharePoint or Oracle Business Intelligence.

Technology and intergration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is based on Microsoft .NET–connected technologies. Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses multi-tier Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) consisting of a thin web-based client, a highly configurable business logic layer, and a back-end database. Its main goal is to provide real-time connectivity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available from any computer that uses Microsoft Internet Explorer. By ensuring compatibility and integration across applications, Microsoft can reduce complexity, time, and cost for modernising business systems. This highly scalable design allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM to work with businesses of any size.

All organisations recognise the need to identify, attract, and retain profitable clients. They are looking for solutions that will empower agents to make smarter decisions at the point of contact, provide them with a complete customer view that fuels greater customer intimacy, and supports their ability to up-sell and cross-sell a full range of products and services. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a cost-effective, flexible CRM solution that delivers measurable return on investment by helping drive sales and customer loyalty without high ongoing costs. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built on the Microsoft platform and utilises SOA technology, your organisation can implement and integrate the solution into your existing systems efficiently and cost-effectively.

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